Facility Types

Industrial Construction Sites

Industrial construction projects have sections of concrete floors being poured towards the middle of a project. It is important to give these floors the proper time to cure, but once the curing process is done, it is key to keep any kind of debris off the concrete as best as possible. This will not only prevent damage to the concrete and other electronics in the warehouse, but these debris can also cause long term damage to you or anyone on the job site. Of course there is the option of sealing the floors shortly after they are cured but if you have done this in the past, I’m sure you are aware of what the floors look like before you hand the keys over to your client. This can result in dissatisfaction and even millions of dollars in damage control.

We can be your only cleaning service provider, leaving your busy schedule free to deal with other important tasks. With our on site supervision, fool proof systems, tight relationships with industry professionals, excellent team building strategies, properly trained general laborers, and state of the art equipment and materials, you can be sure your clients will be more than satisfied during there site visits.

Warehouse Facilities

Warehouses can have millions of feet of open space or the smallest amount of clearance between product depending on the size of your facility and what you’re storing. It’s crucial to clean and sanitize the facility on a regular basis being sure to protect everyone in it from harmful viruses and toxins. Also be sure you are doing your best to protect your business from future financial pitfalls due to damaged concrete or mold and mildew. Unclean concrete is prone to cracks that can lead to long term damage or slippery oil spots that may injure your workers. A dirty facility can lead to unwanted mold, mildew and other harmful bacteria that can put your crew in the hospital these days. Don’t derail your production timeline by falling asleep on these ever so important tasks, Contact us today to get a customized cleaning and sanitizing service estimate for your warehouse.

Large Retail

The presentation of your retail building is important for your long-term business success, and maintaining best practices for your surfaces will keep your investment safe for years to come. Professional cleaning services during construction will maintain a high level of polish, protection, and durability for your floors, and the rest of your facility, making the most for your staff and clientele. No matter how massive the retail space, our experienced team is trained to navigate it and provide excellent service without issue. Request an estimate today to get started.

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