Importance of  Ongoing Floor Cleaning

Unclean (Before)

Actively Cleaned (After)

Why Clean During Construction Instead of After?

During construction, working on unsealed concrete surfaces can cause a multitude of problems, and waiting until construction is finished will likely lead to permanent stains and damage. Having our cleaning crews and general laborers perform ongoing cleaning during construction leads to the following benefits:

  • Prevents debris from entering unsealed concrete
  • Helps avoid unnecessary cracks & concrete damage
  • Timely cleaning of oil/chemicals reduces chance of staining & discoloration
  • Maintains a healthy work environment by preventing mold & irritants
  • Keeps road salt from corroding rebar beneath the surface
  • Rids the air of cement dust and other carcinogens
  • To keep the boss happy!

Long Term Protection of Your Floor

Spills, dust settling, & debris build up occur on nearly every job site, but addressing these issues early on can help prevent long-term damage. While not every situation is correctable, a proactive approach is critical to making sure that your concrete floors don’t have major eye sores or cracks, resulting in the need for them to be re-poured.


Concrete Cleaning Oil Stains

Oil Stains


Consequences Of Late Cleaning

The decision to wait to clean your site until after construction is complete leaves the possibility for permanent damage. From unsightly oil stains and discoloration to permanent damage like scratches and structural cracks and splits, the risk isn’t worth whatever convenience is promised. Ongoing cleaning during a construction job is crucial to the long term durability of your concrete and success of your project.

Permanent Stains

Permanent Stains



Cracks & Splits

Cracks & Splits

Deep Scratches

Hazards & Health Risks To Workers

Concrete mixing and application exposes workers to cement dust. Wet concrete cement dust irritates eyes, nose, throat, and upper respiratory tract. Cement dust also contains silica – which can lead to lung injury caused by silicosis or lung cancer. Even exposure to low levels of concrete dust with silica are associated with reduced lung function. Wet concrete carries its own risks as well, including skin irritation and in some extreme cases can cause 1st to 3rd degree chemical burns to exposed skin. Get ahead of the game and ensure the protection of your employees with our ongoing concrete cleaning services.

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